Evangelism Is A Command


Evangelism is a command to all believers. You are saved in order to be used by God to save others. That include your Family, Friends, School Mate or People you do not know. The one who gave this command is Jesus Christ. (Matt. 10:7) and as ye go preach saying.


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. So Christ command the Disciples to preach the Gospel.



The Gospel or the Good News is that Christ has come.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins to restore our broken fellowship with God. Jesus is the Saviour who came to save us from the penalty of sin (death) and the power of sin. Through faith in him and the victory he won through his death, burial and resurrection, we are reconciled to God.


We believers of today must preach the Gospel as we ‘’Go’’. The word ‘’Go’’ means as you are going. For instance as you are going to market, school, work place, office, roaming in the street or boarded a car. It must be a habit you must develop. It is sharing the Gospel where ever you find yourself. People think the good time to share the gospel is to set aside a special time or day and be in good suit and evangelize.


I disagreed with them. let me give you examples of myself for you to understand. Early last year on February, I was going to a nearby town. It was in the morning. I put up my normal wear. After walking (10) minutes I saw a lady coming. She was selling water melon. I said can I share a (5) minute word with you. She smiled and said go ahead. I ministered Christ to her and invited her to church. She came the following Sunday. She has brought her two sisters to church. Just last Sunday she told me she has gotten a job at a hotel. She said God is good. Her name is Eunice.



December, last year I boarded a Taxi. I began to share the word of God with this Driver. This is the second time I had shared word of God with Taxi Drivers. This man who is called Samuel accepted the word. He also came to our service on the following Sunday.

So as you can see,It only takes ONE PERSON to minister to ONE SOUL to make a difference in the Kingdom Of God.